Winter 2013-2014 can take a hike already!

So, the Sunday before Christmas, December 22, our power went out about 4 AM. We were one of the fortunate ones in our county as we only (!) lost power for about 38 hours. Friends had none for 126 hours! This was the result of an ice storm that looked like this in the aftermath.  As you can tell, both good and bad.  Luckily, we sustained no damage beyond the many broken limbs.


Two weeks later, beginning on Sunday, January 5, we were “treated” to a snowstorm that dumped about 18″ in 2 days, along with winds that added drifts up to 3 feet or so.  Then the temperature plummeted to about -15° F!  What fun- not!  Here’s what that looked like…


Thanks to Tom and Ian, my intrepid snow shovelers, we were able to almost see the concrete in the driveway by Monday evening. Kudos to both of them.


Evidently, this little one didn’t get the memo that summer is over.  There are also about 6 buds behind this bloom. The air temp is currently 45°F and tonight’s low is supposed to be 25°F, so I guess it’s as fine a time to be a day lily as you can get!DSCN1984

Address in style!



This project was done by my husband, Tom.  He noticed the rock down the road as he was running, and finally managed to wrestle it into his truck and bring it home.  Since it was flat on both sides, he decided it would make a wonderful addition to the front yard.  He used his all-purpose tool, a metabo, to grind out our address.  Looks great!

Before the beginning…

I’m really not sure I want to do this, or any, blog.  However, I have been spending a LOT of time on Pinterest.,  It has inspired me enough to try my hand at not just following other’s great ideas but try to incorporate some of those and create projects of my own.  Since I spend so much time picking through the collective posts, I decided I could post not just photos of my creations, but include the how as well.

A starburst mirror is my first sample project.  While I love the many mirrors I have seen, I also knew that the one I wanted to make would be smaller, and not made with shims.  This one was made with a small mirror from a dollar store and craft sticks.

It took a while to realize that because I was working with a circle, I could as easily divide it into sixths as I could into eights.  That made the materials fit on the back without so much bulk.  I initially glued the craft sticks into pairs, then combined 6 of them into the points.  I am using bright orange as an accent color, so I spray painted the points before attaching them to the back of the mirror.

And, as it has been said, how easy is that!

Glued and painted

Glued and painted

DSCN1974 DSCN1975

Small starburst mirror!

Small starburst mirror!